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2 October 2012

The first four basic levels of our game comic collaboration with Daniel Ahlgren is now available for testing.

29 August 2012

Look in the blog for some info on our soon to be released comic/game-hybrid Strip ’Em All, done by us and comic book artist, Daniel Ahlgren.

1 August 2012

Long Jump has been updated. You can now play with the keyboard if you prefer traditional button-bashing.

18 June 2012

Athletic Javelin is released.

21 March 2012

Pull-ups is finally finished. It's a straightforward mouse waggler but with room for some subtleties of technique.


30 December 2011

The eternal feud between runners and race walkers is depicted in our two new mini games:
Keep the Race Pure
Rage of the Race Walker

17 December 2011

Joy to the world! Reach for your shotgun and fight for a Christmas truce between the neighbour-hood kids in pacifist shooter Fighting Snowball Fighting.

19 November 2011

Along the winding ways of this sequel to Mezzy Maze you will be battling bullies, racing patrollers, playing with puzzles, and much more. Only gamers with a complete set of skills stand a chance of reaching the end and experience all the fun the Amazement Park has to offer.

7 September 2011

The MindJolt Edition of Tailtag is published today. No levels, just score hunting.

3 August 2011

Bored of button bashing? Then revel in the mouse waggling fury of the latest addition to our athletics series – Long Jump.

19 April 2011

We have received a grant of 100 000 SEK from Framtidens Lund for a game/comics-project with comic book artist, Daniel Ahlgren. Thanks!

8 April 2011

Nibbling like an earwig winding through your brain – A Growing Boa Needs His Lunch! We will develop this game further for a complete change of the game mechanics. But it seemed like a shame not releasing it as it is. It's basically Rock-Ola’s Nibbler with a lot of clever puzzles added.

1 April 2011

To See The Light is a bare bones Android-game. It will remain so as we don't believe in “apps” for the long term. But should we develop a full browser edition? Feedback, please!

14 January 2011

The score based edition of Mezzy Maze is released. Sliding walls allows for shortcuts which make the standard ball-and-maze game more interesting.


22 November 2010

Now you can get Lighthouse Lunacy and Soda Pipes for free via TrialPay!

17 November 2010

Try an unfinished but playable GBA-game and learn about the reverse Tetris genre.

6 October 2010

Our first Android game is finished. It is a puzzle game called To See the Light and we will probably publish a web edition of it here later.

2 October 2010

We have added a “5 reps for time”-mode to Bench Press.

14 August 2010

Bench Press is finished. Thanks to the custom made physics engine, there is more to this button-basher than brute strength. Balance of the bar, wise expenditure of energy, and precise timing for use of elasticity are additional game play factors.

The retro gaming connoisseur will perhaps acknowledge this as a mix of the two classic game genres best exemplified by Konami's Track & Field and Atari's Lunar Lander.

19 June 2010

40-Yard Dash is released: classic button-bashing with modern 3D rendered graphics and educational info about neurological tests and sprinting.

The genre has a long tradition, so be sure to read the text about button-bashing inside the game.

15 March 2010

Seduce a Christian rock star or get sexually humiliated in this Finnish Master’s Thesis project. It may be academically approved, but is it a good game?

19 February 2010

Lots of writings from the past has been added to the Writings on Games section

14 January 2010

Game designers – petty gods who bring dead clichés back to life ? (Swedish)


19 December 2009

Stars over Half Moon Bay – pretentious crap or humble try? (Swedish)

22 October 2009

Ok, so our new game, On Your Marks!, is a simple reaction test … but it’s the most accurate one you’ll find on the web.

Also, it is just the first in a suite of similar games that will test basic neurological qualities in a setting of traditional sport tests such as vertical jump and the benchpress. These will be a little less simplistic.

We’ll be making full fledged track & field games in the future too.

10 September 2009

Our eductional mini game, On Your Marks, is finished. We don't know when or if we can publish it on this site though. If not, we'll provide a link here in a few weeks.

23 January 2009

For a quick impression of Lighthouse Lunacy, check the new video.


27 December 2008

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of Malmö University with a 10 year old academic essay (Swedish) about Kameleont Killers!

12 December 2008

The price of Lighthouse Lunacy and Soda Pipes have booth been cut from $19.95 to $8.95.

29 October 2008

The Fila Decathlon page is now endowed with a rather flashy banner.

26 August 2008

New website with all the old content is now up. Most of the new sections are currently empty though.

19 January 2008

20 levels and Music are now added so Tailtag may finally be considered done!


31 December 2007

We wanted to put something up before the end of the year ... Here is Tailtag, the first in a line of free games and applications from us. Music and additional levels will be added this week but apart from that Tailtag is 100 % working. Please, report bugs ;)

8 June 2007

Please update to Lighthouse Lunacy version 1.03. Thanks to a friend, who masterfully played through all the levels without any help, a serious bug in the last level was discovered and consequently removed. You don't have to uninstall the previous installation, but you can if you'd like to. Anyway you choose, we recommend installation in the same directory as before to keep the saved level progression available.

29 May 2007

The Upcoming games section has been updated.

26 April 2007

It has been available here on the website for more than a week, but now with version 1.02, we officially release Lighthouse Lunacy! Go to the Lighthouse Lunacy site.


29 December 2006

Lighthouse Lunacy is completed since a week ago. The music, however, must be edited to decrease the file size and as Ola, who writes the music, is suffering from malignant mouse bites in both arms, he hasn't been able to do this. Hopefully, he will be well soon. Meanwhile, we work on other games. You will not have to wait two more years for the next one ... That's a promise!

3 November 2006

Sorry about the lack of updates. Our new game, Lighthouse Lunacy, turned out to something much bigger & better than originally intended. Some final polishing remains but Lighthouse Lunacy will be on sale in a few couple of weeks. We also have two other games in the works.

3 November 2006

Soda Pipes will be available on the G-cluster Game System. This means that, for example, digital TV set-top boxes will be able play Soda Pipes.


27 April 2005

If you have encountered screen flickering with Soda Pipes on your computer, you should download the latest version where the screen flickering problem has been resolved. Your old license key will always work on all newer versions!

27 April 2005

We are proud to anounce a German retail version of Soda Pipes. The publisher is TREND GmbH. A North American retail version will also soon be on sale. The publisher is Valusoft/THQ.

2 January 2005

Reviews of Soda Pipes added.


16 November 2004

Soda Pipes now available for download and purchase!

11 November 2004

Links to Soda Pipes demo, webshop, Fila Decathlon info & upcoming games info do not work yet. Will be added soon.

10 November 2004

New website up.