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The Old Well

Now that we have released Lighthouse Lunacy, we might as well make its predecessor, The Old Well, available for free.

Unfinished Game boy advanced game, The Old Well

Download the rar-file here (171 kB) and unpack it.

It's a Game Boy Advance game and as such it can be played on an emulator, for example Visual Boy Advance.

Instructions are inside the game. It's fully playable but was intended as a demo to attract publishers It is an action paced puzzle/platform game that was originally inspired by the obscure Vic 20 game Bricks. You must avoid the falling blocks, while at the same time arranging them in rows to ultimately fill up an old well. To your help you can jump, push, and punch (and even roll around along the ground).

GBA game - The Old Wel - intro and tutoriall

The finished game was meant to have enemies of different behavior but it still works as a game without them. A little bit like Tetris reversed or Mr. Driller reversed. That said, if we had managed to put in enemies, we think it would have produced some very interesting emergent gameplay.

We hope to return to it someday. But we did include it partly as a late level in Lighthouse Lunacy.